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HIKO meet leading firms driving sustainable energy innovation at the SEANZ conference in July.

In early July the HIKO Unlimited team took the opportunity to attend Day 1 of the SEANZ - Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (Sustainable Energy Association of NZ) conference in Hamilton and meet and hear from a range of technical leaders, business innovators in solar energy, renewables and clean-tech. Firms presented their wares with a focus on transitioning New Zealand towards a carbon zero energy sector such as GoodWe, Lightforce, REC, HUAWAI Electronic Technology co., ltd., YHI (New Zealand) Ltd and more. Stored energy technologies and batteries for the home and business environments were of special interest to us with many useful connections established to help HIKO Unlimited propel our current initiatives. Great work by the SEANZ team to lead industry dialogue and sustainable energy innovation. #energy #innovation #batteries #renewables #greenenergy #solar#hydrogen #solarpower #cleanenergy #technology #business#sustainability

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