Sustainable, portable, clean green energy systems.

We create tomorrows energy today, by designing portable, powerful & sustainable energy systems for future generations. 

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We aim to be Christchurch's (And New Zealand’s) leading 'Employer of Choice', and a global player, that collaborates with our customers and partners to supply clean, sustainable

Electronic Energy Devices to improve the reliability, longevity and safety of telecommunications solutions, and other markets.

We collaborate with our local and global partners to design and build new energy solutions that solve the worlds energy challenges. 

Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team of commercial and engineering professionals have the expertise and experience to create and design long-lasting stored and portable energy-based solutions for all problems and situations.




We have designed and created an innovative Electrical Energy Device that delivers reliable, clean-green energy to our humanitarian and telecommunications customer base. 

If you want to know more please contact our team at HIKO Unlimited today for information about our services and to discuss how we can apply our technical and electronics expertise to meet your needs.

Visit our contact page for more details. 

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Our Goals

HIKO Unlimited is comprised of a group of business, electrical and engineering specialists who focus on designing & building creative solutions for complex portable energy projects.

Founded in 2019, we’ve accomplished much success researching and developing new product solutions tailored for the humanitarian, communications and emergency services sector.

We strive for best-in-class innovation and work closely with our clients to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet their current & future needs.



How we created a new pathway to the future

HIKO Unlimited came about in 2019 when co-founder Garry Parker was approached by a humanitarian & emergency response client to investigate building a portable power system for their land mobile radio (LMR) telecommunications systems able to be deployed into remote locations quickly and safely yet be extremely robust and relatively light.

​Current battery technologies such as those based on nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium present safety concerns especially when required to be transported by air. 

International CAA aeronautical rules state that both lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries are considered Dangerous Goods when transported this way, and this prohibition coupled with the need for rapid-charging capability once on site led to the next step on the HIKO portable power system journey. 

​In addressing this challenge, Garry and technical expert & co-founder, Tony Martin set about conceptualising something new that would not only meet the clients' requirements but also fit into a compact, light & strong suitcase size container.

It would also feature higher power ratios, an extended run-time over existing chemical-based batteries, operate at more extreme temperature conditions, charge and re-charge at faster rates than incumbent technologies, and be air-safe. 

Most of all it would need to be environmentally sustainable and able to be disposed of more easily than traditional chemical batteries.    

​Along with fellow co-founders, Don Purdon and Michael Durie, the team worked on a plan to build and test an EED (Electronic Energy Device) - a portable energy product with battery-like capabilities but distinct enough to overcome the limitations of lithium-ion batteries. 

During this early developmental stage, HIKO Unlimited was incorporated and the team commenced working with under-graduate student engineers from the University of Canterbury, supported by Callaghan Innovation agency.

As an aside, the name HIKO Unlimited was chosen as it represents the Maori word for ‘electricity’ or ‘spark’ that coupled with a desire to create unlimited and sustainable power solutions for future generations, perfectly encapsulates the four co-founders’ aspirations for a game-changing global business. This purpose is further summarized within the company tagline: 

‘Creating Tomorrows’ Energy Today’.

Over six months commencing early 2020, the HIKO and University teams worked together to design, create, source and build a working EED prototype suitable for ‘proof of concept’ with the client. This step provided logistical challenges not helped by the effects of COVID-19 and intermittent community lockdowns. 

​Work continues on the next phase of the EED product range with enhanced product testing underway and with the company reviewing new product and market applications, both domestic and international.  

Ko te pae tawhiti, whāia kia tata,

Ko te pae tata, whakamaua kia tina.

Seek out distant horizons, and cherish those you attain.

Maori Proverb



Since establishment, HIKO Unlimited has reached out to a variety of local government agencies

and international and local suppliers to help us with our new product development projects.

Our goal is to seek out and collaborate with technical and sustainability leaders, research

and development specialists and especially organisations that hold similar ethical standards

and values as our own.

Take a look at a few of our partners below.



The University of Canterbury engineering team has been a close collaborator with HIKO on our Research & Development for the EED range of products. We have engaged with their under-graduate students towards completion of prototype versions of the EED and tapped into their vast resource base of academics and electrical & engineering student talent pool.


TL Parker is one of New Zealand's leading Land Mobile Radio and mobile telecommunications specialists and has worked closely with the HIKO team on technical and commercial development.
Established in 1968 TL Parker has grown to be Motorola's Largest Platinum Dealer and market leader within the NZ Two Way Radio industry and is applying this extensive experience to assisting HIKO to refine our product mix.


New Zealand's innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation has supported the HIKO team with advice, resources and assistance along our pathway to early-stage product completion and launch.

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 With more than 100 years of combined business experience.

We take pride in our technological culture, which enables us to achieve great things together every day.
Whether we’re undertaking new projects or working in new sectors, we adhere to the highest industry
and environmental standards.



Executive Chairman – Business Strategy

Governance: Funding and investment; Shareholder communication; Strategy: Finance.


Director – Product Lead

Design: Research and Development: Product Development: Operations: Cashflow Projections: HR.


Director – Sales & Marketing Lead

Marketing: Brand: Sales: Business Communication: Market Research & Insights: CRM.


Director – Technical & Operations Lead

Design: Operations: Assembly: Supply chain: Logistics.


We are committed to protecting your privacy

HIKO Unlimited recognises the importance of your privacy and how important it is for us to protect your personal information.

We are committed to protecting personal and business information which we hold and to complying with all relevant privacy laws in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

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Tel 64 22429 1709

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